David Longstreet is a management consultant with clients in every corner of the globe and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He specializes in explaining complex ideas in an informative and humorous manner.

He has traveled to Europe & Asia 56 times over the past 12 years to present his ideas at conferences and to consult. He has worked in South Africa; Portugal; Italy; the United Kingdom; the Netherlands; Belgium; Canada; Germany; the Ukraine; Australia; Singapore; and, of course, the United States. David has consulted for organizations with over 10,000 employees and for some with just a few individuals. They include many Fortune 500 companies in every industry that relies on software including aerospace, telecommunication, banking and finance, insurance, government agencies, travel, retailers, manufacturers, automotive, hospitality, healthcare, defense contractors, universities and other industries.

He has worked with people at all levels including senior executives, boards of directors, middle level managers, project leaders and entry level analysts.

He conducts research with several universities, He has written numerous articles and three books covering the adaptation of new technology. He latest book is Reboot! Rethinking and Restarting Software Development. He reviews papers for several academic conferences, and he is an adjunct professor of graduate level economics and statistics.

If you are interested in having David speak at your conferences, then you can contact him direct at David@SoftwareMetrics.Com or visit http://www.softwaremetrics.com/speaker.htm

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