Stone Cold Coder meets Diva Developer!

Cheech and Chong, a 1970’s comic act, portrayed themselves in one of their skits as Siamese twins that were not identical.  They were paternal twins physically connected at the hip.  Of course this was impossible, absurd and a very laughable idea.  Whenever I hear about pair programming I can’t help but think about Cheech and Chong and the absurdity of the idea.    It is like asking two teenagers to share a mobile phone.   It ain’t going to work folks.  It is absurd and laughable.

The idea is that one programmer writes code and the other programmer stands over his or her shoulder and watches for mistakes. When the first programmer gets tired they switch positions.  I think they are suppose to touch hands like professional wrestlers do in a a tag team wrestling match.  How cool would it be to called something like Stone Cold Coder or Diva Developer.  You could go to work dressed in costume.  Instead of programming sessions you could have smack down coding sessions.

You don’t have to implement Agile to try out  the idea of pair programming.  I would suggest  trying pair writing.  Have one person start to type and have another person stand over them and correct them as they go.    This is an awesome idea! I am curious to see how long this process would last.  How about pair cooking?  You have one person cook and another person correct them as they go – nice.  How about pair driving?  You could have one person sit in the backseat and correct the driver.  I think that is called back seat driving.  Sorry pair programming is a joke of an idea and absurd.


Want to read more about “pair programming”

Reboot! Rethinking and Restarting Software Development.

Agile Methods and Other Fair Tales

If you are having a hard time coming up with a pseudo name for your pair programming team check out the auto Professional Name generator at  wrestles –

Professional Wrestling –

Want to read more about “pair programming”

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  1. […] Syndicated from Coder meets Diva Developer! « Quips On Software Development”>davidlongstreet […]

  2. Thanks for the assessment of pairing that quickly indicates your bias against a practice that you don’t even begin to understand. Pairing is not “one programmer writes code and the other programmer stands over his or her shoulder and watches for mistakes.” That’s a complete misinterpretation.

    Instead, the first link you provide is actually fairly good, balanced entry on the topic. Perhaps if you had read more than the title, you might have notice that Mountford says things like “Pair programming can really help in making a team gel,” and “Cowboys, incompetent introverts, control freaks and superhero programmers all resist pair programming. It’s like their kryptonite.” (Hence the title of the article.) Good, because these are the sorts of people that detract from a good team.

    Mountford also says “Pairing requires bilateral adaptability and the art of compromise.” Correct, which also suggests it’s not for everyone–particularly not arrogant, cocksure people who are insistent that their positions are the only ones that are correct.

    [And yes, superhero programmers are often far more trouble than they’re worth. There’s no such thing as a superhero–they are, as you like to say, “fairy tales”–and those that pretend to be superheros are overblown egotistical blowhards who often poison a team.]

    Mountford also does a good job of explaining the tradeoffs with, and alternatives to, pairing (e.g. formal code reviews). At least he is qualified to discuss it, since he’s actually done it, instead of railing against something he’s never actually tried or even understood.

    Oh the “absurdity of the idea!” We’re not talking about ideas here, sir, we are talking about things that people have actually found successful and useful, and yet you can’t even describe them properly.

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