TPS Reports and Cover Sheets

Too often people are asked to record their time or report data and are clueless the reason.   They start thinking, “what’s the



point?”  They think of the ole, “IniTech – T.P.S. report” from the movie Office Space (TPS Time Sheets & Cover Sheet).

When people see how the data is being used, the value, “what’s in it for me”, then they are more likely to input data correctly and sometimes enthusiastically.

When I develop metrics for an organization, I have to rely on the quality of time sheets. Often people tell me the time sheet data is no good. If I am building estimating models based upon past data and the data is no good, then, the estimating model is going to be wrong too! I have to make a lot of adjustments to the historical data. Knowing how people spend their time on past projects is an invaluable management tool when planning for future projects. When projects are planned properly there is less chaos and often less overtime. Overtime is often the result of poor planning and poor estimating.

Read more at Reboot! Rethinking and Restating Software Development.

TPS Initech Time Sheets

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  1. […] movie Office Space.   “I believe you have my stapler.”  Initech was his company.  I have actually found a TPS timesheet. Don’t ask is it good for the customer, but ask is it good for the […]

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