7 Deadly Sins of Software Development

A few years ago, I was asked to present a paper at a software conference in Manchester England on Best Practices.    I thought it would be more interesting to present the 7 worst practices of software developers.  Later on I decided to call these worst practices the 7 Deadly Sins of Software Development.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Development

1. Estimating with no historical data (a.k.a. just making stuff up).

2. Failure to monitor and report status

3. Creating analysis documentation after coding (The point of analysis is to do analysis).

4. Excessive and irrational schedule pressures (closely related to #1).

5. Failure to understand the business (the client does not know what they want and neither do you).

6. Reduce testing time to make a schedule (my personal favorite)

7. Treating your clients like they were ignorant/stupid.

So do you recognize any of the  deadly sins?  This could be like one of those surveys in a teen magazine. If you answered yes to more than 3 of the items then we can safely conclude you are not world class.  If you answered yes to all 7 items, then we can conclude your organization is worst in class.

If your organization is committing any of the above sins, then it should stop.  It is a pretty safe bet that if a person smokes they are not a world class athlete.    If your software organization does not estimate based upon historical performance, then it is a safe bet your organization is not world class.

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