Are software developers like the janitorial staff?

I think everyone remembers being a kid at the big Thanksgiving or some other family get together.   It is pretty common for the adults to sit at one table and the kids to sit at another table.   I always wanted to sit at the table with the adults, but my grandmother told me I could sit at the adult table only if I acted like one.

The following video was put together by a young film maker named Jordan Kerfeld.

Today the business is at the big table and software development is at the kids table.  When software developers have no desire to learn about the business and especially when your team has no desire to learn about the business, then why would the business ever invite you to be part of the business.

Software development is the only industry we have where workers move from industry to industry. It is time software developers learn and study the core business.

Read More at Reboot! Rethinking and Restarting Software Development.


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  1. You identify a problem. But how to solve the problem? In most businesses “learning the core business” typically takes years in some other role (such as sales or marketing). In my own experience in financial services, my assumptions are always wrong… my comments and opinions regarding business are dismissed as sophomoric and naive by business guys who have spent years in sales or management positions. I read news/blogs and books in the industry I work in but it does not seem to help, other than understanding certain jargon.

    • Bob that is a great question. The key is studying the business like an industrial designer would study a business using ethnological studies. My free online book Reboot! Rethinking and Restarting Software Development has a chapter on how to study and you can find it at http://www.RebootRethink.Com Reboot!. Wikipedia has a nice article about ethnology too.

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