Software Developers Cause Their Own Problems.

Over the years I have been convinced that software developers cause their own problems.  I have been in too many meetings where software developers are fabricating answers.  The following video was put together by a young film maker named Jordan Kerfeld.

The spread of a fever and infections was a real issue for hospitals during the mid 1800’s. There was a doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis of Vienna Austria, who believed statistical methods, could be applied to medicine.    Doctors of the day did not think statistical methods could work because medicine was too unpredictable – sound familiar.   There are many software developers who honestly believe statistical methods cannot be applied to software development because software development is too unpredictable.  What they fail to grasp is that they are causing the unpredictability.

The analogy of  Semmelweis works for software because software developers are creating their own chaos and their own problems.  Since software developers are not capable of estimating,  they are not capable of planning either.  It does not seem to matter if it is the insurance, aerospace, healthcare, banking, finance, hospitality industry this is a repeating pattern




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  1. Great article man!

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