New and Improved Software Job Titles

Software Psychologist – help software organizations over come its fears and phobias.

Software Psychiatrist – same as a software psychologist but they prescribe drugs.

Software Archeologist –dig around looking for project artifacts.

Software Paleontologist – dig around for looking for evidence the project actually existed.  They also theorize what killed projects.  It turns out most projects commit suicide. 

Software Actor – they don’t actually do any project work.  They just act like they are working.  Software Actors attend a lot of meetings and repeat what others say.  Software Theologist – pray for project success.

Software Plumber – unclog software projects.  This is not a glamorous job and it requires cleaning the project toilet.

Software Janitor –pick up after everyone else.

Software CSI – study the forensic evidence to determine if a project was murdered or committed suicide.  By the way most projects commit suicide.

Software Entomologist – collect all types of bugs found during the project.

Software Zoologist – studies all kinds of animals that work on software projects

Software Tap Dancer – dances around difficult project issues

Software Linguist – helps translates the native tongue of a software developer into English.

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  1. Always enjoy your stuff, even though I’m not even vaguely a software engineer — thanks

    • To be perfectly honest, I am not sure there are many software “engineers”, the title looks awesome on a resume or busines card. It is a great thing to say at a party too. Imagine this… a young attractive woman asks, “What type of work do you do,” The response is in a deep intriguing voice, “I am a software engineer.” She use to think, wow! successful and smart. Now she thinks, “unemployed.”

      On the other hand, I am a software economist. Same scenario… a young attractive woman asks, “What type of work do you do?” I proudly respond, “I am a software economist.” She thinks, “boring.”

      By the way, the course work to be called an engineer is typically more rigorous than that required of a software engineer. Feel free to call yourself a software engineer or any other software title.

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