What gets missed again, again, again, again…

I often get asked, “What are the common things that software developers miss.”  Hum… requirements.  Let me think about this a bit more, thinking, still thinking, yep it is  requirements.

Over the years I have collected a lot of data and I have had the opportunity to help customers determine why a software project was late or canceled.  The number one reason software projects were late or canceled was due to the fact that the end product requirements were not understood.  The far majority of these projects were greatly under-scoped.  In the end, the projects were a lot bigger than initially thought.

It is not uncommon for a software project to grow 300 precent from requirements to completion.  Yes, I wrote 300 percent.  The problem is that most I.T. organizations have no idea how much their software projects grow because they do not measure anything besides time and cost.  They do not measure functional growth.

So what gets missed, requirements.

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  1. thanks for the insight

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