“I believe you have my stapler” – infamous IT professionals


So how does the rest of the world see I.T.?   IT guys and gals are not portrayed favorably in movies, Television shows or commercials.  They are generally portrayed as rude, condescending and often as obese slobs.  Below are my favorite I.T. professionals and I have included videos where possible.

– Dennis Nerdy (Wayne Knight)  was the obese and obnoxious computer expert who tried to steal dinosaur embryos in the movie Jurassic Park.  His desk was a mess with stacks of paper and candy wrappers

– The beautiful Sandra Bullock plays a slightly overweight recluse programmer in the 1995 movie The Net.

– Who can forget Milton the obese programmer who clings to his red Swingline stapler in the classic 1999 movie Office Space.   “I believe you have my stapler.”  Initech was his company.  I have actually found a TPS timesheet. Don’t ask is it good for the customer, but ask is it good for the company?

– The British Office has their IT Guy (video) too.

– Saturday Night Live created Nick Burns the Company Computer Guy.   He fixes your computer then makes fun of you.

What’s sup chumps?

Another example is a Staples Commercial (see video).  They show a 20-something guy walking into work saying, “Sup chumps.” A manager says, ” I thought we got rid of that guy.”  The IT guy enters his office and begins to play computer games while another employee asks him to take a look at his computer.  The IT guy in the add says he’s on break and not to bother him.

So how does the rest of the world see I.T.?

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