Money Boost for HealthCare IT

The stimulus package signed into law by President Obama injects about 20 billion dollars into the US Health Care industry.  The bulk of the money, 17 billion, are incentive contracts to help process Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.

I have consulted with several Healthcare IT companies and their productivity and quality rates are higher than the IT industry overall.  Yet these same health care companies struggle with silo processing because information is not easily shared between software applications.  In other words, the software applications do not play nice together.    Another problem are those required to use the software applications are frustrated because many of the applications are difficult to use.  As one nurse told  me, “I feel like I need a degree in Computer Science to use some of the hospitals software applications.”

The real issue with Healthcare IT is not a lack of technical knowledge, but a lack of understanding how hospitals work and especially how doctors, nurses, and administrators do their jobs.   Software developers would benefit from following healthcare professionals during their normal workdays and watching just how they do their jobs.  Then software applications could be designed around the user instead of forcing users to adopt to some obscure  unrelated software design.  Software applications need to be designed around normal workflow patterns.

Hopefully some of this government money can be used by developers, so they can study healthcare professionals and how they do their jobs.

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