Specialization: Focus on the patient

Those IT professionals that specialize along  industry lines have productivity and quality rates orders of magnitude higher than generalists.   This is especially true in the health care industry.    The idea of specialization is nothing new to the health care industry, but it is a new idea to the IT industry.

The following are some links to blogs written by individuals that understand the value of specializing in IT as it relates to health care.   One thing you will notice on their blogs is they do not spend much time explaining the latest and greatest coding techniques.   They spend most of their time writing about Health Care IT and especially patient care.   If I am not mistaken, I think that patient care is the objective of Health Care IT.

A Nurse that knows about IT versus an IT guy that knows a nurse
How about  this crazy idea, a registered nurse with nearly 20 years of technology experience!  Her blog is Healthcare & Technology:  Innovation at the intersection   www.myhealthtechblog.com.

The HealthCare IT Guy
Here is a a technology consultant that has specialized in health care. He describes himself as a “Consultant/speaker that specializes in healthcare IT” www.healthcareguy.com

The Geek Doctor
Who is more valuable to a hospital  a CIO who is also a MD or a CIO that was working at a bank last month?  (http://geekdoctor.blogspot.com)

For those IT professionals working in the health care field, please step away from the code! and learn about the health care industry – please.   My life could depend on it.   One of these days I may find myself at a hospital and I would like to think the software systems were designed by people  that know something about health care and especially patient care.

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